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Dr. Lomax (WURD Founder) treating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Feb. 1968.


“I asked my Dad, What’s the #1 health issue in the Black community and he said – Poverty.”

WURD Radio, Pennsylvania’s only Black-owned talk radio station, has been a valued source of credible, culturally specific information for 18 years. We have earned the trust and respect of our listeners by connecting them with information, insights and resources that are targeted specifically to the needs and concerns of Philadelphia’s African American community. 

At this time of crisis, we know that WURD is providing our community with a lifeline — literally. Radio has always been a powerful force in the Black community. But today we recognize that in order to reach younger audiences, we must fully embrace digital technology and social media. Through our new Lively-HOOD initiative, we will use our platforms – on-air (96.1FM, 900AM), online (,, WURD App), social media (Our channels: WURD TV via FB Live, IGTV, YouTube).

Our Lively-HOOD initiative seeks to connect Philadelphians with jobs, career readiness information, small business support, entrepreneurial resources and financial literacy. Economic empowerment is central to achieving full citizenship in a capitalistic society.

Please review our special package that offers your company an opportunity to share your message with our audience in an environment that reinforces trust and reliability. 

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Leveraging the trust and uniqueness of the WURD brand, the Lively-HOOD initiative will use an intergenerational approach to connect Black Philadelphians with entrepreneurship resources, jobs and financial literacy.


We will bridge the information gap for an important and underserved demographic while creating new pathways for ethnic media to identify innovative strategies for sustainability. By creating high quality, solutions journalism that is made for and by the target audience and by partnering with other media entities and community organizations in the city, we believe we can create a more sustainable and equitable news and information ecosystem

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