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Black and Brown Founders – Bootcamp

Bootstrapping Bootcamp is designed to be highly actionable and get you receipts! We’ll help you assess your talents, build your first prototype, and validate your business idea. Get off the sidelines and walk it like you talk it!

What You’ll Get:

  • Our recipe for how to launch and get your first customers — for your current and FUTURE ideas
  • Our workbook and tools to help you launch a business by any means necessary
  • Access to video lessons to teach you key concepts, available on demand
  • Group coaching with been-there-done-that instructors who will be your thought partners for 10 weeks (a limited number of 1:1 coaching slots are also available)
  • Build a prototype that you can use to pitch and make sales
  • A wise and supportive community that will encourage you during the hard @$$ journey
  • Clarity, focus, and accountability to help achieve your daily goals
  • More confidence at each step, with every lesson, every week
  • Learn new ways to solve problems while making the most appropriate business choices for YOU


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