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Here are 5 of the Coolest Youth Work Opportunities this Summer

By Dylan Lewis

If you didn’t plan ahead with a summer internship, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. WorkReady is a workforce development program administered by Philadelphia Youth Network. We scoured their website and found five of their coolest opportunities.

Learn about Hip Hop Heritage with SEAMAAC

Seamaac is an organization that works to serve and support a multi-racial/multi-ethnic community of Philadelphia Youth. They offer a six-week summer WorkReady program where young people can learn new skills in graffiti, breakdancing, music production and more. Visit SEMAAC’s website for more information.

Get your exercise in by coaching kids in soccer

Earn over $1000 by coaching kids at the Kensington Soccer Club. The program is for six weeks, and in addition to coaching, teens receive career and college readiness training. Apply today by going to

Engage in activism through education by teaching at Freedom School Literacy Academy 

The Center for Black Educator Development aims to get more Black teachers in our schools. Start your career as an educator early by becoming a Junior Servant Leader. Junior Servant Leaders work with young scholars as chaperones, mentors and teachers. To participate in the program, students must have completed ninth grade. Go to to apply.

Pursue your artistic dreams with Village Of Arts & Humanities

The Village of Arts & Humanities is a community space dedicated to self-expression. If you or someone you know is a young artist looking for something to do this summer, this opportunity is perfect for them! Working artists teach this WorkReady program and help students to participate in fashion design, clay and ceramics, photography, dance and more. If you’re interested, apply through the WorkReady website here.

Earn while you learn at Zhang Sah Martial Arts

Zhang Sah Martial Arts offers programs for both middle and high school. The program for students ages 12-14 develops skills in resume writing and interviewing alongside coaching and athletic training. Students in grades 9-12 get the same job preparedness alongside work experience as a coach. For more information, check out WorkReady’s description of the program.

If none of these programs are of interest, WorkReady offers a locator tool where you can find opportunities in your neighborhood. Summer should be a time for rest and fun, but it can also be a time to make extra money without the pressure of school and other academic commitments. To learn more about the WorkReady Program, visit the Philadelphia Youth Network’s website.

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