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Jefferson University is offering a free course on real estate development

Jefferson believes real estate has a quadruple bottom line combining financial feasibility with environmental sustainability, social consciousness, and design excellence. Join the College of Architecture and the Built Environment and the MS in Real Estate Development (MSRED) for a FREE course to take the next step in your real estate development career.

Introduction to the Quadruple Bottom Line of Real Estate Development is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to address not only the financial bottom line but the economic, social, and ecological issues by developing commercial, mixed-use, and/or residential projects. 

This introductory course offers a deep dive into our quadruple bottom line ethos of people, planet, profit, and placemaking. You start the course by learning the eight stages of the sustainable real estate development process. Each week participants dive into the components of people, planet, profit, and placemaking. 

For More Information and to register for the FREE course visit:

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