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Mom on the Move: HR Expertise for Small Businesses

We often characterize mothers as being supportive, nurturing, hands-on and more. Corinne Green, the CEO of HR MOM, is making a significant impact in the field of human resources using the skills that she has developed from being a mother. She appeared on the Source hosted by Andrea Lawful Sanders to discuss her journey to success.

HR MOM, short for Human Resources Managers on the Move, is a Philadelphia-based consulting firm that provides tailored professional human resources functions for small businesses. With a strong educational background and over 20 years of experience in HR, Green is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive and leave a lasting legacy.

Green understands the challenges faced by small business owners, having experienced them herself. From assembling a reliable support network to ensuring proper financial management, she recognizes the importance of providing the necessary structure and assistance many entrepreneurs lack.

To address the concerns of small business owners who may be hesitant to seek HR assistance, HR MOM tries to put them at ease by creating a comfortable and supportive environment. Green emphasizes honesty, authenticity and compliance in her interactions with clients. HR Mom goes beyond simply providing online resources and forms; their team works side by side with clients, becoming an extension of their workforce. This hands-on approach enables businesses to receive personalized guidance and coaching tailored to their specific needs.

Always looking for ways to help, HR MOM created the Dynamite Woman of Resilience Award, named after Green’s mother, Donna Marie Mike. This award aims to support women experiencing life transitions and provides financial assistance. Recipients are selected based on criteria such as being over 40, having children (living or deceased), and residing in one of the five states where Green’s mother lived.

For more information about HR MOM, click HERE.

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