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General Labor (Helper)
Employer:151 Foods, LLCIndustry:FoodHow to Apply:Visit Website



General Labor position could be Production, Oven, Packing, Sanitation, or Shipping. This is a brief glimpse of some job responsibilities but once a department is selected, you will receive a specific job description that you must sign.

  1.  Assist Operators, Line Lead and Supervisor
  2.  Rotate when asked and where needed.
  3.  Keep product flowing.
  4.  When packing in Trays and Boxes visually inspect that Trays and Boxes are free from debris and clean.
  5.  Pack finished product in designated bag per product specification
  6.  When working at the Kwik-Loc station make sure that the product is bagged and clipped properly and has lot code.
  7.  Make sure that the product is placed properly in the shipping trays
  8.  Stack the product trays/boxes evenly and at recommended height.
  9. Transport finished product to designated areas
  10. Maintain a clean and safe work area (sweep and pick up trash)
  11. Must be able to count
  12. Prepare work area for upcoming product and leave area ready for next crew (get trays and bags)
  13. Know where emergency STOP, and START/STOP buttons are located
  14. Wear gloves while handling ready to eat product.
  15. Support without hesitation General Plant Safety, Food Safety, Food Defense Initiatives and Good Manufacturing Practices with an understanding that these are absolutes and are Priority #1.
  16. Follow all company GMP procedures
  17. Perform all special requests by the Production Supervisor or Line Lead


Physical Demands

Work requires some physical strain such as long periods of standing, bending, pushing, pulling and lifting overhead. Must be able to lift approximately 25 pounds over head.

Work Environment

Working around power equipment, slippery floors and dusty areas.  Very hot conditions during summer seasons. Protective clothing such as uniform, gloves and slip resistant shoes may be required.

Additional available positions:

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