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The Case for Intentional Investment in Philadelphia: Part I – by the 17 Asset Management Research Unit

By the 17 Asset Management Research Unit. Originally Published September 2020

The report is the first in a series issued by 17 Asset Management through its “Philadelphia New Different Project”. “The Case for Intentional Investing in Philadelphia: Part I” is a call to action for Philadelphia stakeholders to build and implement collaborative blended-capital structures at scale that address the city’s needs.

“The Case for Intentional Investment in Philadelphia: Part I”  aims to impart the conversations and takeaways discussed among key stakeholders in the Philadelphia community at the Philadelphia New Normal Forum, a virtual convention held in May 2020. Among the findings discussed in the Report are key challenges and opportunities identified along each of the Forum’s four discussion themes – City Infrastructure, Neighborhood Essentials, Inclusive Communities, and Intentional Investment. In its efforts to demonstrate SDG materiality and feasibility for multi-stakeholder implementation, the report takes an intermediate step of mapping identified challenges and opportunities to specific UN SDG targets, as well as goals identified in Philadelphia’s comprehensive plan for growth and development, also known as Philadelphia2035

This report is the first in a series issued by 17AM through its Philadelphia New Different Project (NDP), an initiative that is built to envision a brighter future of sustainability, equal opportunity and universal inclusivity for the people of Greater Philadelphia. The NDP follows 17AM’s design thinking methodology, a deliberate and organized framework that welcomes all voices and ensures full participation among stakeholders at every stage, from ideation to implementation. 

To read the Executive Summary, click here.

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