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Commercial appraisal services built for the modern age of real estate.
  • 107 S. 2nd Street, Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19106, Pennsylvania
  • November 18, 2021

Company Information

Experts in Commercial Real Estate

Appraisals in the Greater Delaware Valley

We are a regional real estate valuation company located in Center City Philadelphia, serving the Delaware Valley. Rittenhouse Appraisals is a Commercial Appraisal company that has experience in providing valuation services on Office, Multifamily, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Retail, Institutional, Tract Development, and Special Use real estate.

We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company with a hands-on approach with a thorough analysis of the real estate asset or project.

What makes us different?

We look at real estate in two ways: From the inside out (What does the asset or project mean to the immediate and greater market how can it perform) and from the Outside In (How does the market view this asset or project and its potential for performance). Therefore, our reports will hold the client’s interest from cover to cover.

More importantly, we are a company that is built for the Modern Era of real estate. We recognize that the commercial real estate world has evolved significantly with the development of technology. Transactions that previously took months to get done, now are closed in days or a couple of weeks. We have embraced the evolution of the industry and use technology to meet the demands of the modern real estate market.

Current job openings at Rittenhouse Appraisals

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